Monday, 18 March 2013

Things guys should understand

It has been always like that, when ever a girl tells you all i want is a friend, guys she really mean what she is saying. Remember when she smile, laught, hang out with you once in a while it still doesnt mean you are her fiance or her boyfriend unless she agree with you to be your girlfriend.
When we say we love you, actually we meant it, always respect your girl, care for her and please stop treating her like an option.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Just because we are out of the country for school that doesn't mean we don't miss home or don't love our family and friends. We all understand that you are worried and you love us so much, we realLy do appreciate the care and concern, but you have to listen and give us a break.....

More so, can you all stop stressing and questioning us all the time like when we are coming home? You don't love your people huh? You want to stay in oyinbo land for ever? When r u finishing? Etc.... These are the most irritating questions to all international student, keep it in mind that we are away from home where there is no family, no friends, the culture is different, the food is something else and we have to adapt to it.

We miss you all, we want to be with all our family, friends and fans but we can't do that at the moment because we want to get a great education and learn different things in life.

Remember we owe u nothing, we can chose to be online or off line at anytime because our lives doesn't revolve around our cellphones or internet... So please respect yourselves and don't take it personal.....

Lastly, all we need is your prayers and be understandable. Remember u don't pay our school fees, rent, transport or feeding.... I know you all think am mean and rude but am just been straight forward here and saying it out loud to everyone, don't forget the truth is always bitter........